Workplace Health & Safety Training

Designed and developed by safety experts, our standard workplace health and safety immersive training simulations are built in compliance with IOGP's Life-Saving Rules.
The Life-Saving Rules learning simulations work straight out of the box on both PC and VR, averaging +90% retention.

Working at Height

Protect yourself against a fall when working at height
Learning objectives
I inspect my fall protection equipment before use
I secure tools and work materials to prevent dropped objects
I tie off 100% to approved anchor points while outside a protected area
Layer 1

Confined space

Obtain authorisation before entering a confined space
Learning objectives
I confirm energy sources are isolated
I confirm the atmosphere has been tested and is monitored
I check and use my breathing apparatus when required
I confirm there is an attendant standing by
I confirm a rescue plan is in place
I obtain authorisation to enter
Layer 1 1

Safe mechanical lifting

Plan lifting operations and control the area
Learning objectives
I confirm that the equipment and load have been inspected and are fit for purpose
I only operate equipment that I am qualified to use
I establish and obey barriers and exclusion zones
I never walk under a suspended load
Layer 1 2

Energy isolation

Verify isolation and zero energy before work begins
Learning objectives
I have identified all energy sources
I confirm that hazardous energy sources have been isolated, locked, and tagged
I have checked there is zero energy and tested for residual or stored energy
Layer 1 3

Hot work

Control flammables and ignition sources
Learning objectives
I identify and control ignition sources
Before starting any hot work:
I confirm flammable material has been removed or isolated
I obtain authorisation
Before starting hot work in a hazardous area I confirm:
A gas test has been completed
Gas will be monitored continually
Layer 1 5

Line of fire

Keep yourself and others out of the line of fire
Learning objectives
I position myself to avoid:
Moving objects
Pressure releases
Dropped objects
I establish and obey barriers and exclusion zones
I take caution to secure loose objects and report potential dropped objects
Layer 1 6

Work authorization

Work with a valid permit when required
Learning objectives
I have confirmed if a permit is required
I am authorised to perform the work
I understand the permit
I have confirmed that hazards are controlled and it is safe to start
I stop and reassess if conditions change
Layer 1 7

Bypassing safety controls

Obtain authorisation before overriding or disabling safety controls
Learning objectives
I understand and use safety-critical equipment and procedures which apply to my task
I obtain authorisation before:
Disabling or overriding safety equipment
Deviating from procedures
Crossing a barrier
Layer 1 8


Follow safe driving rules
Learning objectives
I always wear a seat-belt
I do not exceed the speed limit and reduce my speed for road conditions
I do not use phones or operate devices while driving
I am fit, rested and fully alert while driving
I follow journey management requirements
Layer 1 4

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