Every year, more than 2 million workers die on the job.

Most of these deaths are caused by inadequate and ineffective training. Pixaera is saving lives by replacing outdated training programs with cutting-edge immersive simulations that elevate worker performance and help build a safer workplace.

$60 billion 

Serious workplace injuries cost businesses $60 billion each year.


313 million

There are over 300 million workplace accidents each year.  


$1.15 million

A single worker death can cost a business over one million dollars. 

National Safety Council


At Pixaera, we’re revolutionizing training and saving lives.

Elevate your training with immersive simulations.

Improved Retention

Workers trained with immersive technologies retain over four times more information than workers trained with lectures. Multi-sensory experiences teach workers in a natural and memorable way, leading to improved worker safety on the job. 

Freedom to Fail

People learn best through trial and error. Immersive simulations allow workers to learn from fatal mistakes without suffering serious consequences. These experiences let workers repeat dangerous tasks until they’re confident enough to carry them out in the real world. 

Lower Costs

A single accident can cost employers hundreds of millions of dollars. Save money by decreasing costly downtime and improving worker performance. Our training programs are the most cost-effective way to prep your workforce, bar none. 


Better performance through data.

Track body movements, reaction times, decisions, and worker attention to pinpoint which skills your employees have mastered, and where they need more training. Powerful analytics identify weak spots and help you personalize your training to improve workplace safety and prevent costly accidents. 

One-on-one results.

At scale.

One-on-one mentorship and hands-on training give impressive results but can’t feasibly be implemented in large-scale training programs. Pixaera solves this problem by designing simulations that provide in-depth analytics.

The result: personalized, hands-on training for every worker.

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