Work Authorization Training

Immersive training on essential Work Authorization skills to protect your workers.

Work Authorization Training

Work Authorization safety training cultivates a crucial health and safety skill, particularly in the energy, oil and gas, manufacturing, utilities, and mining industries.

More generally, our Work Authorization simulations demonstrate the importance of following proper work authorization procedures. They are a fun, engaging way to help your workers understand and retain critical Work Authorization rules, including hazard prevention and control, permit to work training, and more. They are suitable for inductions, refreshers, contractor awareness, pre-site visits, and much more.

Available for both VR and PC, our immersive 3D learning simulations take users through real-life scenarios. They solve problems, interact with the world, and imprint long-term knowledge of essential health and safety rules.

Our PTW training covers the following rules:

  • I have confirmed if a permit is required

  • I am authorized to perform the work

  • I understand the permit

  • I have confirmed that hazards are controlled and it is safe to start

  • I stop and reassess if conditions change

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