IOGP’s Life-saving Rules

Made up of 9 interactive modules, this game-based learning course covers real-world health and safety protocols for those working in the oil and gas industries.

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OSHA Safety and Compliance Training

Designed to tackle OSHA’s fatal four, this immersive course equips users with the knowledge and skills needed to prevent the four leading causes of fatalities in the construction industry.

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Start Work Checks

Pixaera has taken this critical risk management tool and gamified it so that users can better understand the value and effectiveness of Start Work Checks in reducing fatalities.

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Hands and Fingers Safety Training

Immersive VR hand safety training to protect your workers’ most valuable assets

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Working at Heights Training

Developed in line with industry best practices, this immersive course covers all the essentials around fall protection equipment and securing tools and materials at a height.

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Hands and Fingers Safety: The Fabrication Shop

A quick and impactful safety training designed to raise awareness about hands and fingers safety.

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Welding Safety Training Program

An immersive experience highlighting the dangers of simple tasks such as manual welding.

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Confined Space Safety Training

Through experiential, game-based learning, this course spreads awareness of the dangers of confined spaces and the measures that workers need to put in place prior to entry.

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Safe Mechanical Lifting Training

This engaging course upskills workers in understanding the importance of pre-use checks, obeying barriers and exclusion zones, and the dangers of walking under suspended loads.

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Energy Isolation Training

Protect your workers with this interactive Life-saving Rules course. Designed to help users retain critical LOTO safety, lockout tagout training, and other energy isolation safety skills.

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Hot Work Training

This gamified learning experience teaches workers the knowledge and behaviors needed to undertake hot work safely.

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Line of Fire Training

An experiential, game-based Life-saving Rules module to help your workers protect themselves, and those around them, from potentially fatal incidents in the workplace.

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Struck-by Hazards Training

Pixaera’s Struck-by Hazards module is a part of our OSHA interactive VR training and is intended to address one of the top four causes of fatalities in the construction industry according to OSHA.

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Permit to Work Safety Training

Arm your workforce with critical Work Authorization rules, including hazard prevention and control, permit to work training, and more - all through interactive, game-based learning.

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Start Work Checks Training

Start Work Checks is a critical risk management tool that is used by many companies in high-risk industries such as oil and gas and mining.

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Bypassing Safety Controls Training

As well as preventing and controlling hazards, this module also covers hazard elimination, safety-critical equipment, hazard recognition training and safety control systems.

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Driving Safety Training

By immersing the user in real-life scenarios, this IOGP course covers vital driving safety rules. Ideal for inductions, refreshers, contractor awareness and pre-site visits.

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Create modules that push your company forward

Using our existing environments, characters, animations and mechanics, you can build modules and push them to your global workforce in weeks, not months. Here's how.

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Visualize your idea

It all begins with storyboarding. Alongside your team of SMEs, our gaming experts or partners identify objectives, explore virtual environments, and get plans on paper. We then get to work using our very own dev tools.


Deliver a 3D prototype

Two weeks later and a playable version of your training is ready to roll out for testing. Gather feedback, streamline animations, and start refining your module for the next phase.


Deploy and measure value

After a rigorous QA and final polish, your bespoke module is ready to deliver measurable value to your global workforce via VR or PC.


Plug and play, in minutes.

Fully secure, and designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing LMS, you can manage users, monitor results and track trends from a central location.

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Stay protected, with advanced safety protocols.

With robust security features and state-of-the-art network infrastructure, Pixaera complies with global security standards to keep all of your sensitive data under lock and key.

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