The Senior Technical Designer is responsible for developing, optimizing, and getting the most out of our learning simulations built with Unreal Engine for PC and mobile VR (Quest 2).


  • Ensure our build deliveries are bug-free and run smoothly on every target platform
  • Develop modular and extensible systems with Blueprints
  • Improve engine workflows and pipelines, resolve or bridge existing bottlenecks


  • 4+ years experience in AAA game development or similar environments
  • Has no difficulties understanding and extending existing blueprint-based systems and solutions
  • Experience in designing and supporting asset pipelines
  • Understands the limitations of mobile platforms (Quest 2) and is able to find creative solutions to work around it
  • Communicates effectively in English, both verbally and in writing


  • Unreal Engine 4: Blueprints, UMG, Sequencer, Materials, Asset & Animation Editors
  • CPU & GPU profiling tools
  • Perforce
  • Bonus: Photoshop, any 3D DCC tool


  • Experience working with VR and/or mobile technology
  • Experience with C++ and multiplayer development
  • Experience with performance optimization
  • Experience building UI layouts and connecting to predefined functionality