Job Summary:

As a Senior Network Engineer, you will help drive the design and implementation of multiplayer functionality that supports VR and PC


  • Work with the team to build a clear understanding of the interaction and deployment requirements. Identify the most suitable and scalable solution
  • Design and implement underlying networking systems, building on the functionality of Unreal Engine and our own back-end services
  • Ensure UE4, the back-end and all services communicate reliably and efficiently.
  • Create systems for both real-time gameplay and multiplayer events and progression
  • Ensure scalability and performance requirements are in place for a sustainable infrastructure
  • Ensure the creation of well-designed, adaptable, and testable software, including some work on automated tests


  • You have developed and released multiple games with Unreal, and at least two games as a client multiplayer network coder
  • You have deep experience with C++, plus a thorough understanding of low-level comms libraries and associated threading challenges
  • You are a good authority when it comes to network systems engineering
  • You document your code with concise overview descriptions and guides
  • Have a good understanding of system design patterns, memory/performance optimization, and how to document knowledge

Other skills:

  • Positive influence and leadership skills
  • Effective communication in English, both verbally and in writing
  • Good organization skills
  • Strong technical skills and ability to write technical documentation
  • A high degree of self-motivation and discipline


  • Experience with real-time multiplayer games
  • Experience of live game incident resolution
  • Interest in VR and related technology