Job Summary:

The Design Director is responsible for the learning effectiveness and flow of the training modules. The candidate is passionate about experiential and immersive learning and understands the most effective user experience and design elements to achieve optimal learning.


  • Lead the design and development of new verticals, ensuring the end products are on the path of outperforming anything that exists in the market for that topic
  • Identify improvements and take existing products to new heights, where they stand out as the best modules for their specific topic.
  • Streamline communication with all involved stakeholders including the safety teams, clients, and internal development teams
  • Improve user experience and user engagement consistently. Demonstrate at least 20% improvement data every 3 to 6 months
  • Work closely with the development team to simplify and automate the development lifecycle


  • Exceptional communication and project management skills. The candidate will always document and communicate to ensure all stakeholders are involved and up to date
  • Great at storytelling
  • Game UX, agency, and engagement through achievements or incentives
  • Data capture and scoring

What you must be:

  • You obsess over innovative user experience and product quality
  • You earn trust and trust others
  • You speak your mind with openness
  • You dive deep and deliver results not activities
  • You take ownership and insist on the highest standards
  • You move fast and commit to doing what’s right