At Pixaera we leverage virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence to elevate human performance and improve people’s lives.

Immersive realities introduce a
new spectrum to training.


Knowledge retention.

Placing people in immersive environments, that replicate real life, activate multi-sensory & emotional inputs. Introducing 5x higher retention rates in comparison to traditional lectures.  

Safe to fail.

Users can experience worst-case scenarios on-site without any risk to their safety. Allowing users to repeat complex actions until they are confident to apply the skill in real life.

Lower costs.

Immersive training delivers the best one-on-one training at significantly lower costs. With a safer and more equipped workforce, savings from less downtime are priceless.

A deeper understanding through data.

We track head & hand movements, reaction times, attention, gestures & decisions to provide you with actionable insights for your workforce


Effective and scalable.

One-on-one mentorship and practicing by doing have been the most effective forms of training. The limitation is that they’re
not scalable and are limited by the trainer’s time and physical abilities. Immersive training brings the opportunity to impact trainees at scale with the highest standards while keeping a close look at their performance data.

Impact on
health & safety.

Millions die yearly due to work related incidents. It’s a number we cannot overlook... especially when nearly all incidents are due to lack of competence. By placing the users in-situ, demonstrating worst- case scenarios, providing a safe environment to fail and the ability to repeat until perfection we can reduce incidents and increase people's chances of going home safely.



Workplace fatal accidents are reported globally every year.

International labor



Of construction fatalities are caused by falling from heights​.




Of construction fatalities are caused by being struck by moving vehicles.



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