Unsettling. Jarring. Scary. Eye-opening. Thought-provoking.

No matter what adjectives you use to describe the video above, it’s bound to have elicited some sort of emotional reaction. Thankfully, the clips were only part of Pixaera’s virtual workplace safety training: an immersive experience designed to introduce safety procedures in an interactive, story-driven approach.

While just a simulation, the emotions you experienced were real. Experiencing these emotions in a safe simulation - where you can learn, correct your mistakes, and take that knowledge into the field - is effective in preventing life-altering mistakes in the real world.

Workplace safety is a serious matter - and it deserves your attention. The world sees more than 374 million occupational accidents and 2.78 million work-related deaths every year, according to data from the International Labour Organization. Costs associated with poor occupational safety and health practices make up nearly 4% of the world’s annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The human toll of these incidents is, of course, far greater.

Traditional safety training is broken. It’s monotonous, not engaging and cobbled together with various static resources: PowerPoints, manuals, videos, etc. As you saw in the video, Pixaera’s safety training brings to life a normally-boring topic like safety training. VR-based training reduces workplace incidents in high-risk environments by 43%.

Global clients such as Shell, BP, GE and Fieldcore are trusting Pixaera to prepare workers for the hazards of job sites. Here’s what makes Pixaera different:

Pixaera is immersive.

Pixaera allows users to live through situations, solve problems, and interact with the simulated world around them. Keeping the simulation as realistic and intuitive as possible, down to the most minute details, is crucial in order to keep our simulations believable to the unconscious mind.

Authentic details like the voices of supporting characters and details on safety worker’s gloves, keep participants in the flow of the simulation and focused on the lessons at hand.

Pixaera is engaging.

100% of our users report that they prefer using Pixaera to any other safety training. Participants actually enjoy safety training when it’s done in an immersive environment like the one shown above. We pride ourselves on maintaining the quality of agency - where a participant feels like the main character in the story throughout our simulations.

Our video demo shows the feelings sparked by our simulations: anxiety, gratification, concern for other characters. Tapping into emotions sparks participants' attention and helps them consolidate and recall information later on.

Pixaera is scalable.

Deploying Pixaera on VR headsets yields optimal results, but that’s not always realistic for companies looking to get a safety training program started right away. Pixaera’s simulations are highly engaging and visually stimulating on PC - and will soon be available on mobile devices, as well.. This means your “grey box” can be more efficient and cost-effective as you begin to figure out what VR technology works best for your organization.

Pixaera is measurable.

You could have the greatest VR safety training program for your business. . If you can’t measure its effectiveness, you’ll never know how to expand, tweak or alter your program to best suit your employees’ needs. Having the right metrics in place allows you to gain actionable insights from the trends you capture. This leads to real-world improvements for your business and people.

Pixaera Learn is our tailored learning management system that lets you manage your trainings on a global scale. Manage users, track progress, effortlessly assign and deploy simulations, and track actionable data to adjust learning goals for your teams and organizations. We give you the quantitative feedback needed to constantly improve your program.

Get in touch with the Pixaera team to further explore how our industry-leading solution can revolutionize the way you teach safety.