At Pixaera, we're on a mission to change the way the world learns and collaborates by bringing educational content in the form of high-quality gaming to the professional world. Gone are the days of spending a fortune on physical simulations, or sending employees to costly training courses half way across the country; with VR training software, companies can safely involve employees in real-world situations and apply abstract concepts to hands-on learning scenarios. The immersive, three-dimensional computer-generated environment created using VR technology allows hands-on learning in realistic, low-risk virtual settings.

But how does Virtual Reality work?

It's simple! A combination of hardware and software, such as headsets, goggles, controllers, and specialized programs, creates an immersive, three-dimensional environment that replicates real or imaginary settings. With a VR headset and software, users can explore virtual worlds with 360° vision and interact with them using their hands and body movements.

OK, but how does Virtual Reality facilitate learning?

VR health and safety training can revolutionize simulated learning and job training. The Journal of Computers in Education notes that VR's high-fidelity graphics and immersive content provide a level of understanding that traditional teaching methods can't match. It's not just limited to STEM fields either; VR simulated learning has been proven effective across a variety of industries including education and technical training.

And the benefits don't stop there. A recent study by the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation found that VR learning can help learners further understand abstract concepts through hands-on experience in low-risk virtual settings. Research also suggests that it can be used as a tool to support workplace injury prevention, due to the ability to practice and master hazardous tasks in a safe learning environment. This can have an especially positive impact on industries that rely heavily on physical labor or have high levels of workplace accidents. All of this adds up to a powerful, cost-effective way for organizations to train staff, develop and retain staff.

What are the benefits of Virtual Reality learning?

Are you tired of the boring, unengaging job-specific training that leaves 66% of employees unsatisfied? VR provides a more realistic and immersive learning environment for employees to train and master the skills they need for their job.

With VR, employees can experience a collaborative training simulation without ever having to leave the office. Plus, employers can track their employees' progress in real-time with analytical data from each training session.

But that's not all. VR is also incredibly adaptable and easy to scale as needed. With minimal equipment and physical space requirements, it's the perfect solution for any company looking to upgrade their training methods. Say goodbye to unproductive training sessions and hello to a more engaged and skilled workforce with VR learning.

Don't let the high-tech nature fool you, VR can also save you money on employee training. A study by PWC found that VR is more cost-effective than traditional classroom or e-learning settings. It also significantly reduces the time employees spend on training by up to 40%, which in turn can have a positive impact on your bottom line.

What can Virtual Reality do for your staff?

Still not convinced? The statistics speak for themselves. VR users learn material four times faster than traditional classroom learners, resulting in a more educated and engaged workforce. VR training increases employee confidence in their newly learned skills by 275%, makes employees nearly four times as emotionally invested, and makes learners four times more focused than other e-learners.

Ready to take the plunge into VR learning? Pixaera offers the tools and courses like VR manufacturing training and VR OSHA training to create a dedicated and efficient workforce through the ultimate training and immersive learning experience. Don't wait, revolutionize the way your company learns and collaborates today.